Legacy Systems

If your legacy system is ready to be retired we can help extract and archive your information. We have a wide range of experience in porting legacy data to a relational database format such as Microsoft SQL Server and web enabling the results if required. If your legacy code needs modifying we can help. We are ready to handle any project from minor code changes to large scale enterprises such as system conversions.


Legacy applications based on VB6 and ActiveX controls are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and enhance. If you have a VB6 legacy application we can help you convert it to the .NET framework, or even web enable the functionality.


Before the advent of Microsoft .NET much of our website application programming was coded in Active Server Pages, now commonly known as "Classic ASP". We also programmed in Perl and know our way around Access desktop applications.

If you have a legacy website which you need to upgrade to .NET, or make modifications to the existing code, we can help!